Invitation to Men with Graying Hair, or other signs of ‘Getting Wiser’:

How To Get Your Mojo Back (Mojo = Lust for Life)
So You Can:
Get Back in the Driver’s Seat (of your Life)
Play the Game (Even) Better than You did 10 years ago
Satisfy Your Partner Again

Is your biggest fear that your drive is not just lost, but gone? (and will only get worse till you die?)

Are you struggling with the belief you might never feel “truly alive” again?

Experience relief from feeling “over the hill”
as you combine your wisdom and experience with new-found energy.
And you get to do this more easily than you knew was possible, with a healthy focus on your lifestyle (and totally without drugs!)


About Monica

Monica McGuire has lived in Santa Cruz over 16 years practicing as a Health Coach, specifically coaching people to find their best "Self-Healing Lifestyle". Born sensitive to toxins of all sorts, Monica has honed hundreds of self-healing strategies over the last 25 years. Her Self-Healing LIfestyle signature system helps her clients achieve more Vital, Radiant Health ~ for life. Monica has an intense commitment for herself and others to live long, active, pain-free lives (as opposed to the now-common need for convalescence and nursing homes). Her programs have demonstrated increased vitality, age reversal, and the disappearance of physical pain ~ all simpler when coached through her step-by-step system. Comforts and habits that aren't serving us are clues toward easy, do-able practices that bring the kind of glowing health she loves to share. Monica also spent 10 years as a financial planning professional, and seeks to make her recommendations for healthy living affordable and accessible to everyone.
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