As found and shared by my astute friend, Riesah Prock:

McDonald’s Closing All Restaurants in Bolivia as Nation Rejects Fast Food writes: We like to publish GOOD NEWS like this article from Natural News. McDonald’s happy image and its golden arches aren’t the gateway to bliss in Bolivia…

Hey! and Hooray!! Bolivia is joining my 13-yr-old son, David, in shunning this “fast eat place” since he vomited for 4 hours after eating there a 2nd day in a row at 8.

What we get served there is not fast or junk “food” any more than the “fast eat places” are “restaurants.”

The “junk” served is formulated to compel us to keep eating: Our senses of smell and taste get duped by the carefully-formulated, salt-sugar-carb-and-frightening-protein combo’s, because they purposely MIMMIC real food. And the lack of nutrition is not easily discerned since we have temporarily, full-“feeling” bellies.

Isn’t it wonderful to watch ourselves evolve!?hamburger

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