Parent Mentoring ~ My Big Vision for The World at this Amazing Time, As Humanity is Evolving Amidst So Many Crises

In My Big Vision of Parent Mentoring* I Help to Create a World Where Children Everywhere are Lighting Up More Adult Lives. 

Reawakened Joy and Zest for life is a Natural Outgrowth of Being with Children

All Parents Know the Glow and Glory of Parenting is Worth all the Work and Worry, But We Can Share the Good and Greatly Reduce The Difficulties With a Few Recognitions of Societal and Cultural Wisdom

This is happening via two (re)awakened cultural focuses:

  1. Children Really ARE the Future.  Teach Them well and Let Them Lead the Way:  Thousands of songs, poems, stories, and every Wisdom Tradition (including all Religions) have been right about this for centuries!
    • We Enjoy a New, Expanded Focus on and Increase of Societal Support of Parents
    • This creates Greater Access for All Adults to the Teaching Genius of Children
    • Focus shifts from “How do we keep children occupied so their parents can work?” to the True Societal Wisdom that “Children Are Our Most Precious Resource,” and “All Adults Benefit from Regular Time Spent Playing with Children.”  Hence, we begin Lining Up to Learn and Earn the Right to Have Time with Children.
  1. The Importance of Preparing For, and Continuing Study in, Parent-Mentoring:  Cultural/Societal Interest in Classes and Programs that Help Parents (AND young adults Preparing for Parenthood) and also for ANY adults in need of “kid energy.”   ALL Adults Awaken to:
    • General Cultural Understanding that We are ALL Responsible to All Children
    • How childhood extends from pre-conception through age 18, and enters a final stage through age 24.
    • More Knowledge & Skills Are Needed!:  All Adults can take Parent Mentoring Classes in order to Qualify in Applying to Parents for the Privilege of Getting Time with their Children.

*Parent Mentoring is distinguished from simpler Parenting as “Applying Intentionally-Sought (and Leaerned) Wisdom and Skills about How to Most Healthfully Mentor Children Into The Practical Aspects and Tremendous Potential of Living as a Human Today ~ and Preparing For How Humanity is Evolving.”

This is a Living Vision which will likely change and grow over time.  Please feel free to give comments and feedback, plus add YOUR Visions to this blog.

This or Something Better for the Highest Good We Do Decree.    In Love and Light, ~Monica

Learn more about Self-Healing Lifestyles for Families by applying for a free Discovery Session.  Send an email describing your pain, illness, or communication troubles and how you would rather Live and Feel instead.  Include your contact info and example times when you are available for a 30-60 minute phone call to

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How goat dairy is healthier (especially to buy for home use) than cow dairy

Mama pig nursing piglets

How did we get “used to” the idea of consuming cow dairy? (plus goat & sheep?) Why not pig or horse milk??

…good trip to LA lots of energy, made the choice to eat a salad in the aiport and not a sandwich, may seem like a little deal to you but it was BIG!

What is the harm of [cow] milk and the benefit of goats milk?

Monica’s Answer:

  1. Cow dairy is in MOST processed foods, so most westerners get it all the time.
  2. Cow milk/dairy products are understood to be hard on the human body because:
    1. The particular protein in cow dairy requires calcium to exit our bodies (via urine, feces, sweat, etc.) The shocker there is that cow dairy products, therefore are actually one of the CAUSES of osteoporosis (since we store calcium in our bones). Our bones, like all our organs, give calcium or any other substances they hold for digestion and elimination processes when we haven’t eaten enough of the needed digestion aids in our other foods or supplements WITH the cow dairy! (We hope to see the kind of turnaround on this that we saw in the 1950’s when menthol cigarettes were touted as “healthy for our lungs” ~ well, maybe the menthol WAS fine, but the rest of the product sure wasn’t! The same is true of the calcium in dairy because it only comes WITH the protein, and the protein requires MORE calcium than naturally comes in the same quantities, hence the slow depletion of calcium which IS LT bone loss!
    2. The calcium deficit and other attributes particular to cow dairy require more digestion effort than other dairy (this is helped by getting truly “raw” cow milk, but why bother when goat is available at TJ’s).
    3. Many people are lactose intolerant but don’t know it because they don’t feel the stomach pain (for myriad reasons)
    4. There is an almost-identical-to-human hormone naturally in cow dairy (absent in goat, sheep, etc.) which might be the reason why some people get very overweight with it, and others of us simply can’t lose the extra weight we usually (incorrectly) attribute to age (if you want to grow up to be a cow or a bull…)
  3. The massive amounts of chemicals and growth hormones we still allow our dairy farms to inject into cows for the heinously ludicrous reason of getting them to produce 35 quarts of milk per day rather than the 8 quarts average a nursing cow naturally produces! AND, it is easily findable that there has been a glut of excess milk for decades, now. Further, we still have allowed the U.S. government to subsidize dairy farmers as though we NEED their excess milk, and to continue to waste a billion tax dollars a year STORING this glut of chemically-contaminated milk.

Goat dairy, especially, is basically known to be healthier for humans having a fraction of the issues listed in item 2, as far as has been studied.  These are all more great areas for “PhD’s We’d Like to See” but the general idea is that healthy human bodies are much more like goat bodies.  That naturally leads to the belief MANY foodies and nutritionists hold that it is not wise for any species to drink another species’ specially-formulated nursing milk!  But the long-established connection between eating yogurt daily and true, healthful longevity is a strong rebuttal, at the very least.

It also seems that questions about organic, or at least “chemical free” goat dairy are soon to come, and the caution of eating everything with a sense of moderation remains key, too.

I and many other people who cannot tolerate cow dairy feel deliciously blessed that goat dairies are growing in popularity!

Learn more about Self-Healing Lifestyles such as eating goat dairy instead of cow dairy by applying for a free Discovery Session.  Send an email describing your pain, illness, or communication troubles and how you would rather Live and Feel instead.  Include your contact info and example times when you are available for a 30-60 minute phone call to

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