My POETIC “tweet” on Who ARE the Americans?

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  In the Truth that “All are One,
“US of A” is a pun! 
Yes, WE are the “U.S.”
but the “us” of the “Americas” is a PLUS
     (plus 34 more countries! :-)
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More ways to see all 35 countries of "the Americas"

images-6 More ways to see all 35 countries of “the Americas”

North America and South America are two continents full of “Americans.”

Isn’t it odd that somehow we all fell into using the term Americans to mean U.S.-dwellers?

Were “Americans” ever, only U.S. Citizens?  The two continents called North and South America are full of people who could call ourselves Americans.  Perhaps at the start of WWI, and maybe even at the start of WWII, it was more the U.S. citizens who embodied what we think of as American, but the world has changed dramatically since then.

I just returned from a “Practice-Invoking Spiritual Gathering” where I was reminded that America, and Americans, are Beloved to many peoples of the world for many reasons.  The inspiring actions of our parents and grandparents who helped to bring our Post-WWII planet into more and more Democracy (and with more Republics) are the genesis of that good karma that Americans enjoy today, despite the existence of so many “ugly American” acts as well.  Vastly more people have been born free and/or find their way to imitate and fight their way toward American freedoms since the end of the World Wars.  So, the American Way is, more and more, enjoyed by a huge number of countries world wide.

What a wonderful way to start expanding on “What we all have In Common.”Your comments on all this are so welcome!

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Who has Apples &/or Quince growing in their yard? Delicious Cycle recipes:

Quince grows lots of places, but actually gets tree-ripened in tropical climes. Like the tall Hachiya persimmons, it gets soft and loses its astringency. (Note that quince is not nearly as astringent as Hachiya! I grew up on the Fuyu squat variety that are never astringent.)

In fact, I have made all of the items below with both kinds persimmons which make equally delicious Fall dishes!  But, when I use a fruit with less vitamin C, I add one of our tiny tangerines or a pineapple guava (skin and all),  to any raw apple sauce to keep it from turning brown.

Photo on 11-13-13 at 11.01 AMThis post is especially for our friends Bonnie and Halimah (and their families) who have shared their quince for me to taste and play with.

*Blended, RAW Apple-Quince Sauce

  • a 20-1 ratio of apples-to-quince (both raw)
  • a dash of salt
  • (cinnamon as desired)
  • water or veggie broth as needed to east the blending

(In any blender that moves the food towards the blades ~e.g. with the safe “plunger” that comes with a VitaMix).

Even in non-tropical Santa Cruz, the still-astringent quince tastes great.
(I make blended, RAW applesauce most of the time because it is easier than cooking and a way to get the benefits I enjoy eating at least half my food without cooking.)

The astringent quality of the quince is lost and the healthy goodness in the taste enhancement is clear.

**I also simmered some whole quince (skin on) chunks in order to taste it cooked, and it is delicious on its own.
On this second great date in a row (11/13/13) my newest Delicious Cycle recipes for Breakfast OR dessert

Mostly Raw Apple Quince Porridge

  • raw apple-quince sauce *(see above),
  • cooked quince chunks **
  • sprouted quinoa (cooked is fine, too) (any grain will do)
  • plain goat yogurt (plain is always better ~ see other blogs for why)
  • (plus a dash of cinnamon and maple syrup)
  • Clearly, soaked raisins are the amazing next “add”

A totally healthy YUM!

Of many links listing benefits, healing, and medicinal qualities, here are two:,-berries/4229-on-the-medicinal-and-nutritional-properties-of-a-quince

Avicenna recommended quince due to indigestion, poor liver, to improve appetite and skin, as well as strengthening the stomach
I’ll tell you a little about the quince and share a few recipes for some diseases with its use.

Quince has long been considered medicinal herb. Avicenna devoted much time to studying the medicinal properties of this tree. It is recommended to eat the fruit of quince due to indigestion, poor liver, to improve appetite and skin, as well as strengthening the stomach.

Due to its astringent properties of quince fruit and broths with it are used for diarrhea and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Here are some recipes of traditional medicine with the use of this beautiful tree.

The perfect tool for gargling in angina – decoction of quince seeds (do not grind!). It is prepared from the rate of 1 tablespoon raw materials for glass of water.

For the treatment of diabetes and hypertension are advised to use traditional healers decoction of leaves and young twigs of quince. Leaves and twigs collected in the flowering period, dried in the shade and stored in a cool dry area. If necessary, 1-2 tablespoons chopped raw material (leaves and twigs mixed in equal parts by weight) is poured into an enamel bowl glass of water, bring to a boil and boil for 15 minutes on low heat. Removed from the board, insisting to cooling, filter and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Poultice with hot juice quince recommended for anal fissures and rectal prolapse.

Tea from quince fruit is used as a diuretic in edema of cardiovascular origin. Finely sliced with the skin dried fruit, then brew as normal tea.


Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Quince
– Being rich in dietary fiber, quince is good for those people who are trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.
– Quince boasts of antioxidant properties, which helps the body fight against free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer.
– Research has revealed that quinces might be rich in various anti-viral properties.
– Consumption of quince has been found to be beneficial for people suffering from gastric ulcer.
– Quince juice is known to have tonic, antiseptic, analeptic, astringent and diuretic properties.
– It is believed that eating quince is good for maintaining the optimum health of an individual.
– Regular consumption of quince not only aids in digestion, but also helps lower cholesterol.
– The presence of potassium in quince helps the body keep high blood pressure in check.
– The vitamin C present in quince helps reduce the risk of heart disease in individuals.
– If consumed on a regular basis, quince proves beneficial for those afflicted with tuberculosis, hepatic insufficiency, diarrhea and dysentery.
– Those suffering from liver diseases and eye diseases would surely benefit from regular quince consumption.
– Being rich in antioxidants, quince is believed to be helpful in relieving stress and attaining calm.
– Quince is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, while having lots of vitamin C, dietary fiber and copper.
– Quince juice is good for those suffering from anemia, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and even asthma.
– The juice as well as pulp of boiled or baked quince fruit serves as a good anti-emetic remedy.

Nutritional Value of Quince
Given below is the amount of nutrients present in 100 gm of quince:
Carbohydrates – 15.3 gm
Sugars – 12.53 gm
Dietary fiber – 1.9 gm
Fat – 0.10 gm
Protein – 0.4 gm
Water – 83.8 gm
Vitamin A – 40 μg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 0.2 mg
Vitamin B6 – 0.04 mg
Folate (Vitamin B9) – 8 μg
Vitamin C – 15.0 mg
Calcium – 8 mg
Iron – 0.7 mg
Magnesium – 8 mg
Phosphorus – 17 mg
Potassium – 197 mg
Sodium – 4 mg
Energy – 60 kcal (240 kJ)

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As found and shared by my astute friend, Riesah Prock:

McDonald’s Closing All Restaurants in Bolivia as Nation Rejects Fast Food writes: We like to publish GOOD NEWS like this article from Natural News. McDonald’s happy image and its golden arches aren’t the gateway to bliss in Bolivia…

Hey! and Hooray!! Bolivia is joining my 13-yr-old son, David, in shunning this “fast eat place” since he vomited for 4 hours after eating there a 2nd day in a row at 8.

What we get served there is not fast or junk “food” any more than the “fast eat places” are “restaurants.”

The “junk” served is formulated to compel us to keep eating: Our senses of smell and taste get duped by the carefully-formulated, salt-sugar-carb-and-frightening-protein combo’s, because they purposely MIMMIC real food. And the lack of nutrition is not easily discerned since we have temporarily, full-“feeling” bellies.

Isn’t it wonderful to watch ourselves evolve!?hamburger

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Invitation to Men with Graying Hair, or other signs of ‘Getting Wiser’:

How To Get Your Mojo Back (Mojo = Lust for Life)
So You Can:
Get Back in the Driver’s Seat (of your Life)
Play the Game (Even) Better than You did 10 years ago
Satisfy Your Partner Again

Is your biggest fear that your drive is not just lost, but gone? (and will only get worse till you die?)

Are you struggling with the belief you might never feel “truly alive” again?

Experience relief from feeling “over the hill”
as you combine your wisdom and experience with new-found energy.
And you get to do this more easily than you knew was possible, with a healthy focus on your lifestyle (and totally without drugs!)


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Attitude Self-Healing for Parents, Thanks to All the Great Teachers Who have Helped me/us

Remember when we easily marveled at the miracle of our infant or toddler? I am reminded this morning of how the miracle is feeling larger today, with my almost-13-year-old!

My teacher, Corrina McFarlane, is the greatest help in the difficult moments of disconnection, reminding me to see the shape-shifting of my boy-man-boy playing at life as I marvel at all he is learning and doing and teaching me.IMG_0855

As I watch his many life tests, accomplishments and mistakes, I am reminded to be compassionate and gentle with BOTH of us! I remember how easy it was to be compassionate and gentle with him as a wee one, and find the child parts of myself to be gentle toward. I take the moment to imagine how we both are in the full swing of life, with nothing more than THIS moment’s present grace.

My main task is to breathe into what IS present, and WILL myself back into awareness when I wander. I take all reminders that MY every thought and word is creating who I am and what comes to me in this world. I CHOOSE to see us laughing through both the easy and the challenging parts that we have today.

I make it real by feeling the truth of who we are as creators, and choose to feel joy and aliveness.

I hear Corrina’s reminder to “Bless every discordant circumstance,” (all the more since I was taught to curse difficulties.) There is always so much more to learn from them, AND, they will fall away just as the last ease and grace did.

Teacher, Shaman, Elder, Elf, Hummingbird Woman Corrina McFarlane

Teacher, Shaman, Elder, Elf, Hummingbird Woman Corrina McFarlane

It is sometimes helpful to write or speak or read all these truths. I hope it has been for you, too.

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New Language Needed: What is a Treat and what is an indulgence?

How wonderful to have finally asked the right person to help me identify the right word!  17-year-old Sierra gave me the answer to, “What do we call a tasty ‘eat’ that does not serve our health?”  (So that we can reserve the word “treat” for delicious foods that are either neutral or, in fact, GOOD for our health.)  My new friend, Sierra, was the first to have an answer I immediately knew was employable.  Sierra suggested, “What is tasty but not healthy is an ‘indulgence’.”  Our friend Mia, also 17, agreed and so I am ready to write and teach about the distinction better.

Thank your lucky stars that today’s tastebuds can be “treated” to delicious foods that BOOST our immune system (like a rainbow-arrangement of organic fruits with fresh, young coconut creme).  Even better, there are countless more “delicious-cycle”* foods that are health neutral, at worst.  Whereas “indulgences,” we can understand, challenge our immune system and/or our organs and bodily systems, and need to be monitored more carefully.

What a disservice we have done to our children by using the word, “treat” for so many health-challenging comfort foods!  How often have we heard, “…it’s only a cookie!”  or,  “who doesn’t love ice cream?” or, “cookies and milk can’t be bad for us!”

It remains useless to label anything good or bad.  Sugar and pasteurized cow dairy are clearly destructive to us in consistent quantities.  And certainly ice cream, sugary foods, and so much more are destructive to us in large quantities.   Most are FINE in moderation ~ but what is moderation??  Thinking of them as “indulgences” knowing that “too much” is already understood:  we can all guess that 3 scoops of ice cream is always too much, and any serving over about 25 grams of processed sugar is too much.  Either cow dairy or a 20+ gram of sugar hit is an immune system depressant, but together they create a real health challenge.  So, why do we go on ignoring this?  Because they were introduced to us as comfort food “treats” and we want them to be as harmless as that sounds ~ especially if we have convinced ourselves we don’t have them often.

The best place to start, as usual, is with language and shedding light on the subject, especially FOR our children, who need not downplay indulgences as treats.

I’d love your feedback, and any other words you have used to keep such a distinction…

* A “Delicious Cycle” is the opposite of a ‘vicious cycle’ where everything can make everything else worse.  In a Delicious Cycle, a new lifestyle addition helps us feel enough better to take on yet another new lifestyle that can truly support our health.

**”True Health Care” is the system we are all seeking, since what is currently called ‘health care’ is actually disease care and/or medical care.

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Welcome to a way to Discover Your Self-Healing Lifestyle

MM 53kb Headshot 3 blueDress sm 267by400

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 as what you imagine you will feel when you are dying, and 10 as the best you have felt since age 28, HOW DO YOU FEEL?
If you aren’t living at a 7 or better, something isn’t working, and relief is closer than you think.

Worse, are you struggling with how you feel, and suffer a belief that you might never feel “truly alive” again?

Experience relief from feeling “over the hill” as you combine your wisdom and experience with new-found energy more easily than you knew was possible.
(All with a healthy focus on your lifestyle, and totally without drugs.)

Get Help so You can Reclaim Your Vital, Radiant Health ~ for life.

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Beyond Bullying

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Strange and Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift

Since I was leading a discussion after the Bully movie on Saturday, I put on a suit and curled my hair.
While driving my son, David, to visit an AddFamily friend, I asked him, “How do I look?”

David now 11-1/2 sits in the front seat with me more often now, so we had a clear view of each other.
His placid, matter of fact (almost deadpan) answer was surprising, “Really ugly.”

I laughed with the joy I always feel at his honesty and/or humor (not knowing which it might be), and asked, “Why?”
“Because you look like you are ‘trying to look pretty’ by curling your hair.”
With more open and curious questions he clarified, “Your hair looks weird curled because it is not what you look like, your hair is prettier the way it normally is.”
Honesty! This is what we get to love about preteen kids getting waves of hormones.

The gift of hormone-laden people, like toddlers and elders, is that we need less political correctness. Wouldn’t it be great if EVERYONE forgave everyone else for bluntness?
It is up to me as recipient to NOT take things personally.

When I look for the truth of David’s honesty, I am happiest that he feels safe to be that blunt with me There was PLENTY of acknowledgement in what he said for me to see truth in his choice of words. Lots of exposure to children helps me hear the whole, real message most children are giving, ~ and it is not that different with many adults! All parents can learn (choose) to see bluntly honesty as a clear reflection of the values we have consistently lived.

I will not stop curling my hair (as infrequently as it happens) since I like the way it looks curled AND straight.
Rather, I will be adding extra gratitude for the light of truth that shines in my home with a child who is getting more of his hormones every day.

Learn more about Self-Healing Lifestyles by applying for a free Discovery Session.  Send an email describing your pain, illness, or symptoms and how you would rather feel instead, plus your contact info and example times when you are available for a 30-60 minute phone call to

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Family Culture Coach ~ Is Our Frustration Funny to our Kids?

Sometimes, kids find it fun to get their parents acting crazy.

More often than not, our kids are fascinated by our “monster” sides. They are constantly learning I was surprised to see that my son equally smiles at my funny face instead of focussing on making his own.

Do you know any Moms of kids age 7-12, who need Relief?  So many parents are exhausted these days, and there are lots of common complaints parents have which are solvable with Family Culture Coaching.

Our family’s running definition of a monster is, “The harshest anger, usually based in sadness or frustration (or fear), that can come out of an otherwise loving being.”  That is the kind of monster I become when I am repeating myself rather than noticing that my son, David, isn’t motivated to do what I have asked him to do.

When David was about 1-1/2, he said it best one day when I was screaming at his father, “Mama so sad, she mad.”

Most kids want peace and harmony, but can’t seem to control themselves, while others have diagnosable troubles.  Sadly, some kids unconsciously get their jollies by driving their parents crazy!   But mostly it is just family habits and a makeshift Family Culture that can be addressed more easily than you would guess.

Parents who create their Family Culture watch challenging behaviors melt away.  I can help anyone speed up that melting and recovery process, leading to far more consistently Joyful Family Life.

Invite Parents of Tweener kids to a Free Discovery Session about How to Live Healthier, More Balanced Lives NOW, while their kids CAN still absorb how to do that themselves.

To clarify, this is the opposite of, “Do as I say, not as I do.”   Children whose parents take great care of them, but not of themselves, absorb the message that it is more important to take care of children than it is to take care of oneself.

If YOUR children don’t seem interested in taking care of themselves, you will see changes soon after you start taking better care of YOURself.  I can make it easy for you.

Examples are:

* The 3 Best Ways To Take a “Time In” (for yourself) when you’d like to throttle an argumentative Tweener.

* How To Start Seeing Kids Eating Vegetables OF THEIR OWN ACCORD

* Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude for the Whole Family

Learn more about Self-Healing Lifestyles by applying for a free Discovery Session.  Send an email describing your pain, illness, or symptoms and how you would rather feel instead.   Include your contact info and example times when you are available for a 30-60 minute phone call to

Monica McGuire
Self-Healing Lifestyles   831 222-3090

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