Family Culture Coach ~ Is Our Frustration Funny to our Kids?

Sometimes, kids find it fun to get their parents acting crazy.

More often than not, our kids are fascinated by our “monster” sides. They are constantly learning I was surprised to see that my son equally smiles at my funny face instead of focussing on making his own.

Do you know any Moms of kids age 7-12, who need Relief?  So many parents are exhausted these days, and there are lots of common complaints parents have which are solvable with Family Culture Coaching.

Our family’s running definition of a monster is, “The harshest anger, usually based in sadness or frustration (or fear), that can come out of an otherwise loving being.”  That is the kind of monster I become when I am repeating myself rather than noticing that my son, David, isn’t motivated to do what I have asked him to do.

When David was about 1-1/2, he said it best one day when I was screaming at his father, “Mama so sad, she mad.”

Most kids want peace and harmony, but can’t seem to control themselves, while others have diagnosable troubles.  Sadly, some kids unconsciously get their jollies by driving their parents crazy!   But mostly it is just family habits and a makeshift Family Culture that can be addressed more easily than you would guess.

Parents who create their Family Culture watch challenging behaviors melt away.  I can help anyone speed up that melting and recovery process, leading to far more consistently Joyful Family Life.

Invite Parents of Tweener kids to a Free Discovery Session about How to Live Healthier, More Balanced Lives NOW, while their kids CAN still absorb how to do that themselves.

To clarify, this is the opposite of, “Do as I say, not as I do.”   Children whose parents take great care of them, but not of themselves, absorb the message that it is more important to take care of children than it is to take care of oneself.

If YOUR children don’t seem interested in taking care of themselves, you will see changes soon after you start taking better care of YOURself.  I can make it easy for you.

Examples are:

* The 3 Best Ways To Take a “Time In” (for yourself) when you’d like to throttle an argumentative Tweener.

* How To Start Seeing Kids Eating Vegetables OF THEIR OWN ACCORD

* Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude for the Whole Family

Learn more about Self-Healing Lifestyles by applying for a free Discovery Session.  Send an email describing your pain, illness, or symptoms and how you would rather feel instead.   Include your contact info and example times when you are available for a 30-60 minute phone call to

Monica McGuire
Self-Healing Lifestyles   831 222-3090

About Monica

Monica McGuire has lived in Santa Cruz over 16 years practicing as a Health Coach, specifically coaching people to find their best "Self-Healing Lifestyle". Born sensitive to toxins of all sorts, Monica has honed hundreds of self-healing strategies over the last 25 years. Her Self-Healing LIfestyle signature system helps her clients achieve more Vital, Radiant Health ~ for life. Monica has an intense commitment for herself and others to live long, active, pain-free lives (as opposed to the now-common need for convalescence and nursing homes). Her programs have demonstrated increased vitality, age reversal, and the disappearance of physical pain ~ all simpler when coached through her step-by-step system. Comforts and habits that aren't serving us are clues toward easy, do-able practices that bring the kind of glowing health she loves to share. Monica also spent 10 years as a financial planning professional, and seeks to make her recommendations for healthy living affordable and accessible to everyone.
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